Providence Spring 2023 Grant Ceremony Awards $112,831.63!

Because of generous donors like you who support the life-changing and life-saving work that we do everyday at Ascension Providence, the Providence Foundation was able to provide grant funding through our spring grant cycle.

We are pleased to announce that we were able to award grants to 5 departments for 7 pieces of equipment totaling $112,831.63! From each of the department leaders we heard how each piece of equipment will have a positive impact on our patients and their recovery outcomes.

I hope you will take time to review the items funded below to see the impact these will have on our patients and community.
Your generosity is key to making this possible; thank you for caring for our community through your ongoing support!

Emergency Department for 1 Ultrasound Guided IV Machine ($12,830.00)

The Ascension Providence Emergency Department services around 55,000 patients from our community each year. Those patients often require invasive measures such as placing an IV for blood collection and medication administration. The Site-Rite 8 machine will provide clinicians with an innovative system that assists with difficult placement of those IVs allowing more effective and efficient treatment of the patients we serve. This will reduce the number of IV insertion attempts needed for patients who are difficult to stick, which reduces their risk of secondary infections, tissue infiltrations, and dissatisfaction.

Radiology for 1 Wireless 10 x 12 Neonatal x-ray panel ($38,000.00)

Ascension Providence has eight new NICU incubators. These incubators have an integrated x-ray cassette tray built into them that is designed to slide a small x-ray panel under a neonate while the neonate stays comfortable in the incubator. Prior to this grant, Ascension Providence did not have an x-ray panel small enough and compatible with the NICU incubators, meaning NICU babies that needed an x-ray for diagnosis were having to be removed from their incubator to have an x-ray taken. This new neonatal x-ray panel vastly reduces the risks involved with moving these vulnerable babies from their incubators such as reduced body temperature, increased risk of infection or accidental pulling of IVs, umbilical vein, or artery catheters. The new x-ray panel is small enough to be used for our NICU newborns who need x-ray imaging for diagnosis without having to move the newborn from their safe and warm environment, and this is a first for Ascension Providence!

Endoscopy Lab for 1 Erbecryo 2 system ($21,463.00)

Robotic-assisted bronchoscopy is the newest technology available to biopsy peripheral pulmonary nodules (PPN). Recent studies have shown that using cryosurgical technology for biopsy combined with the ionic robotic bronchoscopy system is safe, feasible and provides more diagnostic needle tissue. Using cryotherapy for biopsies, physicians will be able to confidently give results to the patient the same day and the patient will be able to receive treatment as soon as possible. Without this tool, a patient may have to wait up to 5-7 days for biopsy results and may even have to repeat the procedure. Adding this cryo piece will enhance our patients experience while having a faster diagnosis.

Surgery for 2 Stryker Sternal Saws ($17,008.63)

These will be used by CV Surgery to open the sternum of patients undergoing open heart surgery. These battery power saws are more maneuverable as they do not have a cord attached and nearly eliminate the potential for contamination. They are also heavy duty and ergonomically designed for easier operator use. Open heart surgery is high stress for everyone involved; having modern tools makes the operation easier.

Respiratory Therapy for 2 Blood Gas Analyzers ($23,530.00)

Blood gas analyzers aid with the treatment of many patient conditions; it measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the patient’s body. The Respiratory Department currently has a blood gas analyzer in the Emergency Department and ICU. The OR, cath lab, and NICU also utilize these analyzers. These two new analyzers will assist with the patient volumes in the OR, NICU and cath lab to have more timely analysis and treatment for patients.