There’s No I In Team 

I’ve always had a “team mentality.” There truly “is no ‘I’ in team.” Growing up in a family of four children, all within 5 years of age, we had to operate as a team in order to survive. I saw the team concept modeled by my grand-parents at a young age, then systematically implemented by excellent athletic coaches growing up. My wife Sharron and I chose the team concept early in our marriage. My dental office, dental institute and on-line teaching platform center around the concept of “the team.”

Last December, I unexpectedly found myself in what seemed like a dream, which ended very well, thanks to the excellent team at Providence Heart Hospital. A blockage in a small part of one artery, but one very serious artery – the LAD – known as the “widow maker” created an emergent heart situation. This experience seemed unreal to me, because minding my health and being physically active have always been a top priority. Genetics gets in the way now and then, and that seems to have been the case in my situation.

Because timing plays a huge role in an emergent heart situation, “knowing the plays” ranks paramount. The doctors, facilities and care rendered to me at Providence Heart Hospital during my emergent heart situation worked seamlessly and gracefully together to achieve a victory. Their teamwork allowed a stint to be placed without damage to the heart muscle. Thank you Team Providence!