A Mother’s Story

We were so excited to learn that our family was growing. Our son was a toddler and we thought the timing was perfect. At 8 weeks, however, I found myself experiencing increasing morning sickness, so I went to Dr. Manning to put my mind at ease. She assured me it was probably nothing to worry about but did an ultrasound to be sure. Jason and I waited as she started to giggle. “Well, looks like you two are having twins’. Now let’s take a look at those heartbeats”.

As Jason’s pulse slowed to normal, we saw two strong heart beats and knew our life was about to drastically change. Aside from carrying multiple babies, my pregnancy was uneventful. Dr. Manning checked the babies regularly and monitored my progress and their growth and development. As the due date drew closer, we realized one of the babies was breach and a cesarean section would be the best choice. July 30th, we checked into the hospital and the nurses immediately put me at ease. Having a baby can be scary, but having twins definitely made me nervous. From the minute we got to Providence, I felt that everyone truly cared for my needs and the needs of my babies. Giving birth is a very personal experience. No two births or pregnancies are alike. No matter what questions we had, the medical staff took the time to answer us and help us to feel at ease. The delivery went well and we had two healthy twin boys.

Something most new moms don’t think about is what happens between “I’m expecting” and “I’m a new mom at home with my babies”. The nurses and medical staff at Ascension Providence bridged that gap for me seamlessly. All the questions, concerns, worries that come with any birth, but especially multiples were addressed and answered in such a patient and caring way. Everyone treated my experience with so much respect for the uniqueness that each birth experience brings. Thank you Providence!